After-sale service

Spare parts, maintenance, service support
Donco is proud of its after-sales service and technical support. We understand the importance of maintaining the operation of the equipment. In order to ensure that the downtime of the machine is as short as possible, and that we can timely deliver and provide available spare parts, we store 3 million pounds of spare parts.


    The UK head office provides 24 / 7 hours of spare parts and delivery services. We can also provide some customers with special spare parts inventory. Our spare parts inventory serves a large number of overseas regions where our machines are operating, such as China and Russia.

    Donco employs an experienced team of mechanical and electrical service engineers. The main work of this team is machine installation, debugging and personnel training. All of its members are very familiar with the requirements of the whole set of equipment and have rich working experience. They can further improve their expertise through the complete technical services provided by the professional engineering department located in the UK headquarters.

   Equipment overhaul
Not only do we have rich experience in the design and manufacture of the machines, but also we have rich experience in the renovation of the machines produced by DOS Co or other manufacturers. We can upgrade the reassembly, renovation or improvement of the machine to a higher standard.
For example, dosco regularly renovates a range of equipment, such as roadheader, continuous miner, underground vehicle, loader and gearbox.


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