Made in China 2025 energy equipment key development 15 areas

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The national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the National Energy Administration issued the "made in China 2025 - implementation plan of energy equipment" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") to determine the development tasks of 15 fields, including green intelligent coal mining and washing equipment, oil and gas storage and transportation equipment and transportation equipment, around three aspects of ensuring the safe supply of energy, promoting the development of clean energy and the clean and efficient use of fossil energy. Financial support, tax preference and encouragement of international cooperation.
At present, China's energy technology and equipment manufacturing industry is facing the challenges of energy development and structural adjustment. The contradictions such as weak independent innovation capacity, lack of some key core technologies, relative overcapacity of traditional products and insufficient supporting capacity of key parts are still prominent, and it is in urgent need of transformation and upgrading.
According to the plan, by 2020, in order to promote the overall work plan of the energy revolution, we will break through a batch of key technologies for clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient development of energy and carry out demonstration applications, realize mass production and application of restrictive or bottleneck equipment and parts, and effectively guarantee the safe supply of energy and boost the energy production and consumption revolution.
The target of action before 2025 is to form a relatively complete industrial system with comparative advantages for the emerging energy equipment manufacturing industry, with strong international competitiveness as a whole. We will effectively support the revolution in energy production and consumption. Energy technology and equipment in some fields will lead the global industrial development, and the standards for energy technology and equipment will be internationalized.
To this end, the plan focuses on the development of energy equipment in 15 areas. Among them, green and intelligent coal mining and washing equipment, deep-water and unconventional oil and gas exploration and development equipment, oil and gas storage and transportation equipment, clean and efficient coal-fired power generation equipment, hydropower equipment, wind power equipment, solar power generation equipment and other related technology research and application promotion are included.
It is reported that the relevant departments will establish a coordination mechanism to strengthen coordination and supervision. Research and use special construction fund, advanced manufacturing industry investment fund, national emerging industry venture capital guidance fund, etc. to support the qualified key equipment technology research, industrialization and manufacturing conditions upgrading. The energy equipment construction projects in line with the industrial development direction shall be given preferential policies such as finance and loans. The plan also clearly studies the overall utilization of fiscal and taxation, price, project assessment, operation supervision and other means to support the test demonstration and promotion of energy equipment.
In addition, for the major energy equipment that has completed the test demonstration, the industry competent department shall regularly issue the recommended catalogue of independent innovation of energy equipment to encourage its popularization and application. Research and use industrial funds, state-owned capital gains and other means to promote the export of all kinds of energy equipment advantageous production capacity, and support overseas investment and M & A.


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