Speeding up the application of "5g tramcar" to make coal mine production management more efficient

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In people's traditional concept, the word "mining" is often associated with the concepts of high labor intensity, complex working environment, and large personnel mobility. No matter what is collected is coal or oil, it is often difficult to carry out the mining work smoothly by one person, and team cooperation has become the normal state of mineral mining activities.
In order to complete the mining task as soon as possible, it is often necessary for mining geological exploration personnel, equipment testing and maintenance personnel to cooperate with each other. After mining activities, the interaction between mining personnel is strengthened, and the mobility of personnel is increased, which makes the management of mining managers difficult. So, is there any good way to improve management efficiency and quality?
From the exploration of geological conditions to the use of mining vehicles, and then to the loading and transportation of minerals, we need not only the help of cranes, excavators and other mechanical equipment, but also the support of geographic positioning, geological exploration, remote communication and other technologies. With the continuous progress of 5g, Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, the mining industry has also ushered in new opportunities to realize intelligent, modern transformation and upgrading.
Mine car operation based on 5g technology, more efficient safety control
At present, the application of 5g in various fields is accelerating, especially in the manufacturing industry. Innovating 5g application mode and opening up new possibilities of 5g application have become the key task of 5g application. In the mining industry, the application of mining vehicles based on 5g technology brings a new way for mining safety production and efficient management.
Recently, a great event has taken place in the mining industry. According to several domestic media reports, since late July, the first batch of large-scale mining vehicles based on 5g technology in China's coal industry have been officially put into operation in zhahanur open pit coal mine, Inner Mongolia, to realize the intelligent monitoring of coal production without blind area, which attracted wide attention of the industry. So what changes have taken place in coal mine production after "5g tramcar" was put into use?
The most significant impact of 5g technology on mining activities is the improvement of regulatory efficiency. By installing 5g communication base station and monitoring camera on the high ground around the mining site, the control of mineral production has become more scientific and reasonable. Specifically, the installation of monitoring probe and driver anti drowsiness system inside and outside each operation vehicle is helpful for managers to understand the real-time situation of mining activities in real time, so as to improve and adjust the irrationality in time.


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